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Kuchino. About the place
Kuchino. Project of "Ural-service"
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Project Kuchino PYSU (Perm Young Students Union) Ural-service (The museum GULAG Perm-36)

Summer Youth (young people) work voluntary camp Kuchino take place in the base Memorial museum GULAG (Perm-36) (Chusovskoy district, Perm region). As a rule, the work shifts begin at 29-30 June. Every shift lasts from 7 to 9 days. Two shifts last to middle of July, then it continues to end of August. Number of people every shift are from 35 to 50 people. All shifts are consisted of young people, mainly students. About 200 people take participation in this project during season.

The work and organization of summer camp are included it selves:

  • to help to build the museum "Perm-36" (plots of severe and special regimes, "Forest of Memories");
  • to help to ready and hold festival of civil songs "Pilorama";
  • to do montage and dismantling works, to do every day matters of camp;
  • to do cognitive programs for participants of shift (exhibitions, meetings, excursion, theme shows);
  • to do leisure programs (games, danced, movies, competitions, video programs of PYSU Ural-service, songs near the fire, evening trivial programs and etc.);

The participants of shift do works voluntarily, the work lasts six hours (from 10 a.m. to 16 p.m.)

The volunteers dont pay for food, living, service and fare.
The department of special-purpose program of PYSU "Ural-service"groups every shift on the strength of the applications, writing by students (people) from 10 May to 10 (15) June.
The participants go there by special bus of PYSU "Ural-service" route Perm Kuchino (It takes 2 hours). Some participant maxes go there independently. Arrival is according to schedule, every season is arranged separately.
Living conditions and provisions are accordance with summer field camp. It includes: sleep block with 43 three storey beds (blankets, pillows, bed linens and bed bags are given out); tent zone (where participants eat, have a rest, dancing and cognitive programs; kitchen; cinema hall (a huge screen, a sound is Dolby digital); block for work instruments, radio station; headquarters block. There is fire place, moorage for the boats, wash stands, laundry zone, summer shower, bath house, toilet on the bank river. All territory of camp has electric power, the light is in the night. The blocks are made of planks (bathhouse is made of frame of logs).

The camp is equipped sound instruments (aloud communication, music transmitting, dance) video instruments (projector, montage, camera), light projector (disco light). The eat service are provided table ware, kitchen equipments (it is included fridges). Detergents and disinfection (remedy) are formed every shift. There is a place to dry clothes on rainy day. The medical service is provided extensive use medicines, bandaging material, and insect protective medicines.

There are sport games: volleyball, football, badminton. There is small library.
There is a shop near the camp, going there take ten minutes.
There are fish: perch, sander, gudgeon, pike, bream, chub (but there is not rod).
Administration PYSU Ural-service leads every shift. The participants are a duty every day (they wash up clean blocks, wash and etc.). Administration appoints night duty. The kitchen is provided by the eat service PYSU Ural-service (They guarantee quality and vary).

Participants do all works in the camp and objects yourselves.

Daily routine
9.00 they (participants) get up and have a wash
9.30 they have breakfast (it takes 20 minutes)
9.50 they ready to go to the objects
10.00 they begin to work on the objects and camp
12.40-13.30 they have lunch on the objects (it takes is 15 minutes)
16.00 the work is finished
17.00 they have dinner
17.30 they have free time or cognitive programs; ready for evening entertainment program, have rest or play sport games)
21.30-22.30 they have supper (it depends on evening program)
Then they have evening entertainment programs.

As required PYSU Ural-service makes individually railway timetable for student group of attendants (steward). Everything is done before beginning work periods and get agreement on it with administrations of PYSU Ural-service.

The close of summer camps seasons is on September every year, where the participants of different shifts (Belogorsky monastery and Kuchino) meet. There is vary measures, special films about summer programs of PYSU "Ural-service" (Belogorsky monastery and Kuchino).

e-mail: pmso@ural-service.ru
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