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Contacts. Administration

Autonomous not commercial organization
Perm Youth Student Union (PYSU)

Administration, passenger department, financial service, personnel department, regional headquarters of student detachments

Tel., fax, answer phone (342) 219-22-91

PYSU “Ural-service”
4 Genkel St, Perm, Russia 614990

Department of programmers for a specified purpose


Tel., fax, answer phone (342) 237-06-03

PYSU ”Ural-service”
Palace of Youth of Perm region, Office № 107
185 Kommunisticheskaya St, Perm, Russia 614000

In summer time offices in camps "Kuchino" and "Belogorsky monastery" work

Officials of Administration

Shlyakhov Eugenii Anatolievich
(room 25)

Executive director
Novikova Vera Igorevna
(room 28)

Deputy director
Roshchupkin Yurii Alekseevich
(room 24)

Chief accountant
Kholodnik Uliana Dmitrievna
(room 26)

Passenger department (preparing and service in trains)

Lyubeznov Nikolai Nickolaevich

Depatment of programmers for specified purpose
(Palace of Youth of Perm region, Office № 107)

Head of the department
Popova Svetlana Valentinovna

Instructor of purpose tendencies
Fedorov Alexey Nickolaevich

Instructor of purpose tendencies
Leont'ev Yurii Ivanovich 

(room 28)
phone (342)219-28-84 

Usynina Lubov' Mikhajilovna 

e-mail: pmso@ural-service.ru
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