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Kuchino. About the place
Kuchino. Project of "Ural-service"
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Perm-36. About place

The Memorial Museum “Perm – 36” is the unique museum – camp in former USSR. Here is represented all stages of repressive politics’ and authoritarian histories of Soviet Union system.

There are expositions, exhibitions and real camp interiors in the different camp buildings and constructions, which were built and rebuilt from 1946 to 1980 years “Perm–36” was brutal and severe politics camp in the country, where were leaders and activists of national and law protective movements (Balis Gayauskas, Vasil Stuse, Levko Lukaynenko, Sergey Kovalev ahd others).
In 60-s years convicted workers of law enforcement agencies served their sentences here.
The last political prisoner was discharged from “Perm-36” on December 1987 year. There was only section of special regime in the country. In 1989 year the camp was destroyed intentionally. In early 90-s year the former camp was renamed the Memorial Museum, where was perpetuated millions of suffering and died names of people in the repressive years.

Today the museum is consisted of plots of severe and special regimes. The territory of memorial park is “Forest of memories” (in the stage of buildings).
There is restoration works and excursions. Expositions and exhibitions are showed in the former politics zone, and others regions of Russia and abroad, the Museum “Perm–36” is include in  “WORLD MONUMENT WATCH” by the experts of include it 100 world monuments “UNESCO”, which is needed urgent restoration and preservation.


village Kuchino, Chusovskoy district, Perm region

Museum’s office “Perm-36” in Perm

tel. +7(342) 236-30-66, 236-36-62
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e-mail: pmso@ural-service.ru
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