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Patronage (voluntary) work
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Volunteer (patronage) work on socially meaningful objects of Perm region and Perm

Volunteer (patronage) work in Perm youth social union Ural-service has being provided since 1970s in the preparatory period of each season (since October till May). Annually in zonal headquarter (administration) the list of patronage objects is determined. The biggest part of them usually stays unchangeable, because this work there has being conducting for many years. At the same time, updatings are made, new addresses are added.

Traditionally objects for realization volunteer work are socially meaningful institutions and organizations.

The list of patronage objects of Perm youth social union Ural-service in current season (2006):

  • Municipal educational institution Childrens home 1;
  • MEI Childrens home 2;
  • Sanatorium boarding-school 5;
  • Regional social rehabilitation center for under-ages The house of hope;
  • The center of complex rehabilitation of the invalids;
  • MEI Childrens home 3;
  • Primary boarding-school of III-IV type;
  • Municipal childrens educational institution School 154 for children with deviations in development;
  • MEI Childrens home 7;
  • MCEI The center of development of the child kindergarten 196;
  • Regional interdepartmental center of the help to children, left without parents care;
  • Perm public charitable organization Hospice. Informational oncology center;
  • The church of Saint hard suffered healer Panteleimon;
  • Belogorsky Saint-Nikolay monastery (Kungur area);
  • The center of temporary keeping of under-age offenders OVD GUVD of Perm region;
  • Municipal institution Social rehabilitation center for under-ages Faith;
  • Comprehensive boarding-school for deaf children;
  • Educational department of Dzerzhinsky district of the city of Perm (division of sponsoring and patronage);
  • Museum GULAG Perm 36
  • The Russian union of veterans of Afghanistan;
  • Social union Charitable fund Protection;
  • Childrens city clinical hospital 3 (cardiologic section);
  • MI The Perm zoo;
  • Shelter for home animals Kind heart.

Moreover the assistance is rendered to old repressed citizens.
This work may be provided in two ways: in the way of fastening concrete permanent youth volunteer group (detachment) behind each object or in the way of single working groups. In each detachment there is a responsible person, whos in charge of the coordination of work plans with administration of patronage object, organization of the current activity, performance of scheduled measures, registration. Objects are served by all members of detachment in corresponding with work plan or only by limited specialized group.

Regularly in the section of goal programs of Perm youth social union Ural-service (zonal headquarter) coordination of activities of detachments on patronage objects is provided, control, methodical and organizational help is carried out. Afterwards the best detachment in this field is determined.
All patronage work is fulfilled on volunteer base (free of charge) and depends on specificity of object.
Members of student detachments, working in patronage childrens establishments, spend occupations with children (thematic lessons, mobile games, celebratory measures, walks, fine repair of clothes etc.). Frequently, extremely important thing for the child is usual dialogue with the grown-ups. In the obligatory order whole work is conducted in close contact with methodists and tutors of patronage objects.
Work with old citizens is mainly connected with house-keeping (washing windows, cleaning, food and medicine delivery, easy apartment repairing, breaking firewood in pieces, tidying up snow in a court yard etc.). Communication is also playing a big role here.
If it is medical institutions assistance is rendered in looking after, rehabilitation measures, house-keeping works, attending the seriously ill patients at their houses etc.
Moreover, members of student detachments of Perm youth social union Ural-service help in fixing apartments and organize concerts for families, whose relatives died in military conflicts, take part in recovery of cult buildings, make different works in the Perm zoo and shelter for homeless animals. In the field of patronage work Perm youth social union Ural-service has being cooperating with The center of temporary keeping of under-age offenders (earlier the children's receiver-allocator) and childrens house 3 for approximately 27 years, with childrens house 2 for 20 years, with Hospice, childrens house 1 and Perm zoo for 10 years. Traditionally patronage objects of Perm youth social union Ural-service are museum of GULAG Perm-36 and Belogorsky monastery (look for more details in: Projects: Kuchino (Perm-36), and Belogorsky monastery).
In Perm youth social union Ural-service methodical materials for organization of patronage work and technologies of realization of some measures are developed. On activity in separate directions employees of patronage institutions or Ural-service spend special occupations.
Periodically section of the goal programs together with responsible persons for patronage work from each detachment makes the analysis of activity. Decisions on all changes and innovations in organization of work are made collectively.

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