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Summer working (voluntary) camps

Project «Belogorskiy monastery»

Summer youth working (voluntary) camp "Belogorskiy monastery" is conducted annually on the base of Belogorskiy St. Nikolaevskiy orthodox-missionary male monastery (Kungurskiy district, Perm region). An erection session lasts for 4 days, afterwards there are three working sessions 7 days each. The amount of students in every session is from 28 to 45 people. All groups are youth (mainly they are students of Perm educational establishments).


Project «Kuchino» (The museum GULAG – "Perm-36")

Summer youth work voluntary camp "Kuchino" take place in the base Memorial museum GULAG (Perm-36) (Chusovskoy district, Perm region). As a rule, the work shifts begin at 29-30 June. Every shift lasts from 7 to 9 days. Two shifts last to middle of July, then it continues to end of August. Number of people every shift are from 35 to 50 people. All shifts are consisted of young people, mainly students. About 200 people take participation in this project during season.


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