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The White Hill. About the place
Belogorsky monastery. Project of "Ural-service"
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Project Belogorskiy monastery PYSU "Ural-service" (summer youth working camp, working visits)

Summer youth working (voluntary) camp "Belogorskiy monastery" is conducted annually on the base of Belogorskiy St. Nikolaevskiy orthodox-missionary male monastery (Kungurskiy district, Perm region).An erection session lasts for 4 days, afterwards there are three working sessions 7 days each. The amount of students in every session is from 28 to 45 people. All groups are youth (mainly they are students of Perm educational establishments).
The Project "Belogorskiy monastery"(voluntary) is conducted all the year round. It is a planned one-day group visit (45 persons usually) in the form of working visits, compact short working visits (special groups of 10 people). They may last for one day as well as for several with living there. Besides there are sessions of summer youth working camp Belogorskiy monastery of "Ural-service".
For a season from 330 to 420 people take part in this project (working visits and summer youth camp).
The participants do not pay for feeding, living, a trip and service.
Each working visit is carried out only after organizing work done by the administration of PYSU "Ural-service which consists of:
- coordination of dates, kind and amount of work;
- formation of groups of participants;
- briefing for participants on the points of the orthodox manners when being at the monasterys territory, rules of safety while working;
- preparations for organized departure.
The note: the set of participants is produced on voluntary, free base, independently on their religion (or its absences).
Working visits are carried out, as a rule, on Saturday, during vacation time or holidays. The delivery to the place and back is realized on a special bus. While going participants are offered a radio excursion "History of Siberian high way", "Belogorsriy monastery" (introductory part), video collection of PUSY programs "Ural-service", feeding. All the group is provided with special uniform (jackets and caps), working mittens.

The approximate order of the working day:

8.00 - departure on the special bus from the pointed place;
10.00 - arrival to the place, placing, preparation for work, distribution;
10.30 - excursion in Belogorskiy monastery (for those who come for the first time), getting instruments, going to working places (for others);
10.30(11.30) - beginning of work;
14.00-14.30 - break for dinner (the upper refectory of the monastery);
14.30-18.00 - work;
18.00-19.00 - free time, supper (tea), (the upper refectory of the monastery);
19.00-20.00 - departure to Perm;
21.00(22.00) - arrival to Perm to the pointed place.

The note: completion of the uptime (accordingly, arrival to Perm) depends on the length of a day.
Earlier time is fixed in an autumn-winter period.

Functioning is carried out in the upper and the lower temples of Krestovozdvizhenskiy cathedral and on adjoining territories (working places).

The character of the work is: cleaning building rubbish, humid cleaning the premises, clearing ruins, sorting suitable building materials from earlier destroyed buildings, help for building crews, as well as in the refectory, the vegetable depository.
The organization of order of the day for compact short working visits or for special groups (not more than 10 persons) is agreed in each concrete case.
Each group (independently on the number of people) is equipped with medical service of PYSU "Ural-service" (the stowage of the dressing material and medicines of frequent demand).
Usually PUSY "Ural-service" annually conducts 6 planned working visits of 45 persons each. Short working visits and special groups are not planned in advance. The schedule of planned visits is brought before participants by the department of purpose programs of PYSU "Ural-service".

The contents, activity, inner organization of the summer camp consist of:

  • Help in reconstruction, cleaning, subsidiary functioning at working places and on the territory of Belogorskiy monastery;
  • Erection-dismantling work, the current ensuring of the camp;
  • Cognitive, enlightening programs for participants of the session (excursions and special meetings, thematic shows);
  • Visits for the church services, orthodox rituals and rites (for interested participants of the session);
  • Free time programs (Russian and foreign video, video programs of PYSU "Ural-service", evening programs, songs at a campfire);
  • Active rest (the volleyball, badminton, football, table tennis, fishing, a small pond, an oar boat, a frame compact pool, table games, kites).

Formation of the staff is realized by the department of programs for specified purpose of PYSU "Ural-service" on the base of the personal statements written in a period from May 10 to June 10(15).
The set of participants is produced on voluntary, free base, regardless of their religion (or its absences).
Before coming to the camp all participants pass preliminary instruction about orthodox manners and rules of behavior on the territory of monastery. On the camp territory there are only habitual secular rules of safe and decent living.
The delivery of participants is produced by the special bus of PYSU "Ural-service" on the route Perm -White Mountain (2 hours). Independent coming is possible (the departure). The schedule of delivery is realized in accordance with timetable of work shift and is fixed for each season.
The living conditions and everyday service correspond to the parameters of summer field- type camp. On the right side of the glade there are suitable electrified camping tents with separate sleeping box of different capacity (the hermetic and anti-mosquito blinds, ware vestibules).
The note: placing in sleeping boxes is produced either on the variant "liberally" (1, 2, 4 persons in each box depending on the tent type), or on the variant "standard" (2, 3, 6 persons in each box depending on the tent type).The tents with 1, 2, 3 boxes are of different capacity in the variant "liberally" for 1, 2, 3, 8 persons, or in the variant "standard" for 2, 4, 6, 12 persons. Usually participants choose the variant of placing themselves.
All tents are equipped with bed clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, mattresses, small tourist rugs. There are also anti-mosquito spirals and other repellents from insect.
In the centre of the glade there is a tent area (meals, place for meeting with guest and evening programmers, place for rest).
In large tents there is kitchen, video hall (the big screen, sound of the size Dolby digital), technical compartment for working instruments, radio cabin, staff block, economic compartment.
Around the glade there is a washing place, laundry, a summer shower, the compact frame pool, the toilet, fire place, an area rest, a sport area.

A bath is situated on the hill (10-15 minutes walk, it is used contractually).
The nearest shop is at a distance of 15-20 minutes walk.
All the camp territory is electrified and lit at night time.
The camp is equipped with branded sound equipment (the loud link, music translations at a rate of output with account of the places specific character,, video equipment (projection, assembly, film-making), light-projective technology (the visual illumination).The feeding service is equipped with all necessary sets of dishes, home appliances (including refrigerators).There is a local heat source for drying clothes in rainy weather. For each session there is stowage of washing and disinfecting facilities. The medical service of the camp is equipped with necessary remedies of broad usage, dressing material, the stowage of emergency medical help, as well as repellents for protection from insects. In the sport stock there is badminton for 4-6 players, table tennis for 4 players, volleyball and soccer balls. There are special literature and videos on orthodoxy, the Bible stories, and stories about the White Mountain.

Fishing: European carp (the small pond in the camp), umber (the region of the big pond, small and secluded monastery). The cordages are not given.
The representatives of the administration of PYSU "Ural-service" carry out the management during every session.
Every day there is a man on duty in the camp (dish washing, cleaning, sanitary processing, washing), a night man on duty is pointed every night.
Meals are provided by the feeding service of PYSU "Ural-service" (the variety and quality of meals are guaranteed).The ration of feeding is mundane and balanced in all types of products.
All work in the camp and at working places is executed by participants themselves.

An order of the day:

9.00 - awakening, time for personal hygiene;
9.30 - breakfast (20 minutes);
9.50 - output to working places;
10.00 - beginning of work at places and in the camp;
The note: when working at removed places (the big pond, small and secluded monastery) beginning and completion of work is displaced for 20-30 minutes.
12.40-13.30 - delivery of lunch by the feeding at the working places (15 minutes for the meal);
16.00(16.30) - completion of the functioning at working places;
17.00(17.20) - dinner;
17.30 - free time, cognitive programs, preparing for evening programs, rest, sport games, films to order;
21.30(23.00) - approximate time for supper (depending on evening action).
At ones own will: the campfire, films to order, evening programs, rest.

The note:

  • because of the paces specific character films with scenes of violence, sensualities and mystic contents are expelled from the collection;
  • only men are allowed to work in the Seraphimo-Alekseevskiy small and secluded monastery;
  • every participant at his or her own will (and in co-ordination with representatives of administration) has a possibility to visit the church service anytime (including working hours).

For participants of the project who are also the members of student linear detachments of guides PYSU "Ural-service" a special schedule is composed dependently on their session in the camp. The student detachments who are basic during the session also have a comfortable schedule which does not influence their work. All named above agreements with administration of PYSU Ural-service are done in advance.
In September participants of summer camps go to the program "Closing of the season of summer camps of PYSU Ural-service. There are meetings, and different activities. A special film about summer life of camps is shown ("Belogorskiy monastery" and "Kuchino")

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